Elevate your curtains
into the 21st century


Meet Slide: smart curtains, simplified.
No tools needed.

We all start our day by opening our curtains, and we end it by closing them. In between, life happens. With Slide, we set out to re-think the way you use your curtains from the bottom up.

Complete kit to make your existing curtains smart. Works universally on the majority of common curtain systems.

A modular installation system that allows you to mount Slide on your existing track without needing any tools or drilling. Most people install it in under 15 minutes.

Works out-of-the-box with the companion Slide App for iOS and Android, as well as upcoming integrations with smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Brilliant new ways to use your curtains

Wake up to natural light

Let Slide open and close your curtains five minutes before your alarm goes off. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock.

Secure your home

Enable the Holiday Mode when you’re away to keep the burglars at bay. With Slide’s semi-randomized algorithm, it looks like you never left.

Upgrade your insulation

Slide can detect when the last person leaves and automatically close your curtains to keep heat inside in winter, and outside in summer.

Covered in the media

"Cha cha real smooth"

"Rise and shine with Slide"

"Far ahead of the market"

Setting Slide up is easy.
And using it, even easier.

Slide combines a powerful motor with an elegant design. And best of all, it's hidden out of sight after you've set it up.

Learn more about Slide and how it works

Smart by default.
No gateway needed.

With the Slide App you can take full control of your curtains. Set routines, alarms and more. And of course, Slide easily connects to your favority smart home systems and voice assistants.

Discover the Slide App and smart home integrations

Secure yours today

A single touch of magic

Manual control, upgraded:
Touch & Go

Sometimes you just want to reach for the curtains. With Slide, manually opening them by hand is still an option. But for the ultimate luxury and convenience, you can use Touch & Go. Just give it a little push, and Slide will take over. It's magic time.

What users are saying

"This is the type of product you can't do without anymore after a couple of weeks"

"The system works well and the app is straightforward. The short video instructions for each installation step makes it easy to follow."

"Quite impressed! I've mainly set up routines for the mornings and evenings and it just works."

"I'm a geek myself so Slide was a no-brainer, but it's actually Touch & Go that won the family over. ;)"

"This is a really nice addition to my growing smart home collection"

It works on 95% of all curtains

Compatibility check

Slide is designed to fit on most common curtain tracks, rails and rods. Find out if your system is supported in less than a minute with our Compatibility Check.


I'm looking for more information about how to install Slide

Have a look at our Product page (click here) to see for yourself how easy it is to set up Slide in your home. 

I'm not sure if Slide works with my curtain tracks

Check out our compatibility page (click here) to see if Slideworks for you.

Tell me more about Slide's features

With pleasure! First of all, this page (click here) has an overview of the various ways to control Slide with our App for iOS and Android, including direct control and setting routines. It also provides details on operating by hand with our Touch&Go feature and the upcoming Slidemote remote control. We're also working on support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT.

Why is Slide only available for pre-order?

After successfully being crowdfunded, we've completed the development of Slide and have started manufacturing. We're currently shipping out thousands of Slides that have been pre-ordered. Due to high demand this takes time and we're fulfilling webshop orders on a first-in, first-out basis. If you order today, your Slide will be shipped by the listed delivery date. 

I have another question about Slide

Visit our Slide Knowledge Base (click here) to find the answer to questions covering every aspect of Slide: the hardware installation, compatibility, daily use, the mobile app and smart home integrations. If you can't find the answer in the webshop, the Knowledge Base will get you sorted.

If you prefer to talk to a human - we'd love to chat and help you with anything you need. Click here to get started, or send us an email (click here) with any questions on your mind. 

Who's behind Slide?

Slide was created by a smart home startup called Innovation in Motion, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Our mission is to re-invent the everyday, and we want to do that by creating products that we're passionate about. Products that help improve and simplify the motions and routines that you go through in everyday life at home. Slide is the first in a series of smart home products that we're creating to do just that.

We're a small, committed team of quirky but dedicated people with a big love for hardware and tech. If you're curious to read more about us, click here.

“Ask not what you can do for your curtain, ask what your curtain can do for you”