Use Slide to 

close your curtains at sunset

keep your house cool in summer

secure your home when you're away

wake you up to sunlight every day

save heating costs on winter days

impress all your guests and friends

simplify your everyday life at home

Full featureset, compact package

The entire system fits in one box

With Slide, we're bringing the party to your curtains. It's a complete system to upgrade your existing curtain track. Everything you need comes in a box that fits in your backpack.

How to install Slide

Most people install Slide in less than 15 minutes. You don't even need a screwdriver to set it up. Learn more about this by checking the Installation Flow.

There's an app for that

The Slide App

Take full control of your curtains.
Now available for iOS and Android.

One app, all the options

Set your favorite routines and take control of all your curtains directly from the Slide App.

Whether it's about making sure you wake up rested the next day, or securing your home when you're away: you're all set with Slide.

Use the app to install your Slides with a step-by-step video guide, and invite household members to securely share access to Slides.

It's more fun to play together

Slide beautifully integrates with your smart home

Smart homes are at their best when all your devices work together. You can connect Slide with your existing smart devices, with new integrations under constant development.

Smart home integrations

Athom Homey

Get it now: Slide App for Homey Community-built integration

Homey connects all your devices at home, even different brands and technologies. Control your home from one app.

Home Assistant

Slide Cover Component

Currently in development

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts.

Open API

Slide Open API Documentation

Coming May 2019

Use the Slide Open API to access your Slides in any way you want. Integrate Slide with your own home automation system - the possibilities are endless.

Amazon Echo (voice)

Slide Skill for Amazon Alexa

Coming Q2 2019

Amazon Alexa is Amazon's virtual asssistant, powering Amazon Echo devices. Use the upcoming Slide Skill for Amazon Alexa to open your curtains with your voice.

Google Home (voice)

Slide Action for Google Assistant

Coming Q2 2019

Google Assistant is Google's AI-powered virtual assistant, available on Google Home and a growing range of devices. Take control of your curtains through voice commands.

Our compatibility list is constantly expanding. Missing your favorite system? Let us know!

Sneak peek

Up next: the Slidemote

Sometimes you just want the convenience of a physical remote control. Introducing the Slidemote: the perfect companion to Slide. Touch-enabled BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) remote to control one or multiple Slides. Available later in 2019.